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Tattoo Removal in Delhi with Cosmotree

Removal of tattoos has been done in the past for different reasons and in different ways. While it was considered completely permanent, today that is not the case with them anymore. Tattoo Removal has been done in the past with various tools. Previously, it was done through dermabrasion, TCA(Trichloroacetic acid), cryosurgery, excision and salabrasion. Today, it can be done with various other techniques without harming the skin much. This is the age of laser treatment.Tattoo Removal in DelhiAnyone can go ahead with this procedure. The reasons can be many but the method must be correct. There are many places for Tattoo Removal in Delhi that provides with the best and advanced tools for the best results. Typically, ink colours like black and even darker ones can be removed intricately through the method.A few things to know before going for a Tattoo removal –
  • Laser produces energy of several wavelengths that go into the skin. It is then absorbed by a particular coloured pigment in the tattoo. This breaks the pigmentation into Nano-particles which then gradually removes the colour by the body’s natural filtering method. The type of tattoo will determine the kind of wavelengths or intensity of the laser used and the number of sittings needed. The process is not painful since local anaesthetic cream is put on the tattooed skin before the process starts.
  • Expect skin lightening and not a skin that you had originally. Many come here with high expectations of getting a clean, spotless skin again. However if you have coloured one, Tattoo Removal will be difficult.
  • Follow ups after the procedure is very important. Some tests are done to endure the client is safe from diseases after the Tattoo Removal is done.
  • It is expensive. From a small dot to large coloured tattoo, the Tattoo Removal Cost may be within Rs 5000 to 50,000 approximately. So think twice before you get inked. Tattoo Removal Cost depends on the type of tattoo, the size and colour of it. The cost also depends on other things as well.
  • Lastly, the person should come mentally prepared with full clarity that he/she wants the tattoo removed.
The reasons can be many some personal and some professional. But Tattoo Removal is strictly professional and our clinic takes the work very seriously. The practice of removing the tattoois done quite largely. Our clinic provides with all the facility one needs. The client’s requirement is of utmost priority.

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