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Birthmarks are common skin conditions that occur at or near to the birth. They are splotches on the skin that appear in a variety of colors ranging from red to brown and in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of them do not behave uniformly at all and depending upon their type some remains stable throughout whereas some progress in size or expand in size progressively. Not all the birthmarks require treatment but if they bleed off and on, the risk of developing into some serious issues like cancer, cosmetically disturbing, cause abrasion, ulceration or cause any circulatory problem then one must go for their treatment as soon as possible.
Birth Mark Removal Is it possible to get rid of these birthmarks? The answer is yes. One can remove birthmarks as now a day there are several treatments that can help you to get rid of them. There are various types of birthmarks like pigmentation type, Macular Strains, Vascular Malformations, Hemangiomas etc. and there are varieties of methods by which these can be treated like injections, Laser treatment Cosmetic surgery etc. There is not only single treatment recommendation fit to remove these birthmarks as the treatment depends on the type and the area in which they appear. At Cosmotree Clinic we have a panel of experienced doctors and healthcare staff they are there to guide you and help you with the most suitable, cost-effective birthmark removal treatment so that you can achieve your desired results.The key to successful treatment is removing the birthmarks as soon as possible so the preferable to treat them at an early stage rather than growing up with them. Typically 6-10 session treatment that takes several months is required to reduce them but it also depends on the area as well as the type of it. Among all the treatments Laser treatment is the latest and safest technique for the cosmetic treatment of birthmarks. There are various types of laser techniques used nowadays and the most prominent one includes Pulse Dye Laser, Q-Switch Nd Yag etc. Almost all the techniques are quite painless and offered for a different kind of birthmark removal.Some common benefits of laser treatments include:-• It takes anywhere from few minutes to several hours depending on the size, shape, and intensity of the birthmark • If you are using them then there is no need for hospitals or over-night stays. • They need very less time in healing though in some cases the some bruising may occur at the site of birthmark it surely fades away with the passage of time. So if you feel awkward or if you are disturbed due to these birthmarks, feel psychologically stressed then just don’t worry. Cosmo Tree Clinic is one of the best that can help you in birthmark removal treatments that too without drilling a hole in your pocket.So call us now or book your appointment with us to get the best birthmark removal treatments which are not only safe and efficient but cost -effective as well.