PRP Hair Therapy

Prp Hair Therapy in Delhi

Why Choose Cosmotree for PRP Hair Therapy?

We are performing PRP Therapy as the most significant option for both female and male patients that have problems with hair loss. You have to understand that PRP Hair Treatment in Delhi is a non-surgical option for everyone who requires some stimulation for hair loss condition.

Even though there are any studies in medical literature where many experts thrive to present the successful treatment of PRP Therapy in Delhi; we can provide you all thorough analysis that will help you enjoy afterward.

How does it work?

As you all know, we have melancholy stem cells that have growth factors that could help us in healing and tissue regeneration. In most cases, experts used it for wound healing and skin regeneration. However, today, we can say that it is useful in neurosurgery, oral surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery and orthopedics.

It is one of the most promising techniques for people with hair loss, so if you want to change your entire appearance, choose PRP Therapy in Delhi, and you won’t regret.

The procedure:

  • The first thing that we have to do is to draw your blood for all testing so that we can understand and know all about your conditions prior the PRP Therapy. Throughout the blood, we synthesize PRP and remove it from the rest of your blood.
  • Then we take it and specially prepare it for the sterile system so that it can function for this particular procedure. We will give you anesthesia shots so that you don’t feel any pain during the process. Then we inject PRP into your scalp.
  • Afterward, we will wash your hair, and you can go in a few hours without any assistance. We don’t give any medications after the procedure, but everything, of course, depends on your state after the process.
  • PRP will stimulate the growth of hair, so we recommend you to do at least four PRP Hair Treatment in Delhi so that you can quickly grow your hair in a matter of months.

At the very end, we want to mention that PRP Therapy in Delhi is a perfect treatment that will help you stimulate hair growth without any surgical intervention. It is a less aggressive approach to this particular problem, and at the end, you will feel the difference after few treatments.

Soon, your hair will start to grow without any additional problem, and you won’t look like you added artificial hair, because it is only your own.

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