PRP Hair Therapy

Prp Hair Therapy In Delhi

Why Choose Cosmotree Clinic for PRP Hair Therapy in Delhi?

If you are suffering from hair loss? Do you wish to have nice bushy and thick hair on your head? Here is PRP therapy to make your dream come true. Lets us see first how PRP treatment works. Have you heard about "Vampire Facial" where your own blood is used to make your skin glow? Same principle is applied to PRP therapy and yes your blood is required in this treatment too. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Our blood has two main components red blood cells and plasma. Plasma is full of growth factors. These growth factors give signals to skin cells to function. Therefore if you are facing the issue of hair thinning then PRP therapy will help you to resolve your issue. PRP will help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth.

PRP Hair therapy

If you are looking for PRP Therapy in Delhi then Cosmo Tree Clinic is the right place for this therapy. PRP has team of expert who are well versed with the process associated with the PRP therapy. Although PRP Treatment is effective and proven method to re-grow hair, this process needs to be done meticulously by trained person.

PRP Hair Therapy in Delhi is provided by Cosmotree Clinic which is a well known for treatment of all skin related issues. Cosmotree Clinic has a team of expert and qualified dermatologist and trichologist which is number 1 requirement for the successful PRP Treatment. Apart from the expertise Cosmo Tree Clinic is also well equipped with high end technology required for PRP Treatment.

                                                        Why Cosmotree?

As in the process of PRP Treatment blood is drawn from the individuals arm and then with the use of centrifugal machine plasma is separated from the blood. This plasma is then directly injected in the scalp. This process is critical and requires expertise. AT Cosmo Tree Clinic our experts meticulously inject plasma in the area where hair thinning is high. The entire process takes approximately 35 to 45 minutes. Even if the process look scary but it is risk free and the entire process is completed without use of anesthesia. At Cosmotree Clinic our team of experts ensures that PRP Treatment is done with minimum discomfort.

In case of slight pain we use cool air or ice pack. Anyone who has issue with hair loss can avail this treatment, age and sex is not bar for PRP Treatment. However if you approach at the earlier stage of hair loss then this therapy will give better results. Therefore to a avail best PRP Hair Therapy in Delhi please visit Cosmotree Clinic. Alternatively you can also call us or mail us your query and our team will be more than happy to assist you with your query.