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Pigmentation Removal in Delhi with COSMOTREE

What are Pigmentation and Removal?

Pigmentation is referred to a condition whereby a person’s skin gets abnormally colored, often as a result of diseases. Pigmentation also happens naturally, with age. As one age, Dark Spots, sun spots or layers become more visible. Skin loses its own color and vibrancy and bears a dull and tired look all the time. Dark patches are common signs of Pigmentation. Besides Dark Spots, Tanning and Freckles also point at Pigmentation. There are different types of pigmentation arising from various causes. Depending on its kind, people must avail the appropriate treatment for getting good results.

How does Pigmentation happen?

Pigmentation takes place when excess melanin deposits are formed on the skin. Melanin is an important pigment, which gives the skin its color. Dark-skinned people have more melanin content. Due to various reasons, if melanin deposits get accumulated on the skin surface, it gives rise to black or darker patches. This layer of patches is known as pigmentation.

Where in most cases, pigmentation is a natural occurrence; in some, it might be genetic. There are certain genes which are responsible for genetic Pigmentation. Apart from this, pigmentation can also happen from diseases like Vitiligo. Regardless of the cause, each form of pigmentation has specific treatments.

Types of Pigmentation

Based on the cause and appearance of spots, pigmentation concerns can be of different types.

Freckles: Freckles are circular spots, flat in nature. Typically, freckles are tan or light brown in color and they do not change the skin texture. These are common types of hyperpigmentation and more often than not, are visible among lighter skin tones. Freckles mainly happen in areas when they are consistently exposed to the sun.

Solar Lentigines: Also known as sunburn pigmentation, these are brown in color and like freckles don’t affect the skin texture. Compared to freckles, these are darker and more irregular in appearance. People having a lighter skin tone are more prone to developing sunspots. If not treated, after continuous exposure to UV rays, these spots gradually increase and become darker.

Age Spots: Age spots are oval in shape and their sizes vary from freckles to 13mm. They are usually brown, tan or black in color and start appearing post-40. Age spots are a strong indication of skin aging. These are more commonly found in sun-exposed areas like cheekbones and cheeks. Overexposure or prolonged exposure to sun worsens age spots and they become more prominent on the skin.

Post-Acne Pigmentation: Such pigmentation develops after acne gets healed. Primarily, there are two types of post-acne pigmentation: red color and dark color spots. The red color spots are caused by broken blood capillaries which are yet to cure at the acne lesion sites. The dark color ones develop from excess production of melanin, as a reaction to skin inflammation at the affected area. Without treatment, such spots can take anytime between months to years to fade away.

Melasma/Chloasma: These are butterfly-shaped spots and a type of hyperpigmentation. It is more common among darker skin tone. When it appears during pregnancy, it is known as Chloasma or “the mask of pregnancy”. In this, a patchy brown discoloration spreads across the face and imparts a dull look to the overall skin tone.

Pigmentation Removal in Delhi with Laser

At present, each and every kind of Pigmentation has found a solution, i.e. laser. Laser treatments are more effective in all Pigmentation Removal permanently. It is an invasive procedure and works only on the affected areas, without harming nearby skin cells and tissues. Lasers minutely target the spots and remove them completely, thus bringing back the lost glory and vibrancy of skin.