Melasma Treatment

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The color of our skin depends on the production of melanin. There are several reasons of overproduction of melanin which leads to hyperpigmentation. It can be of any form like freckles, or other patches of darkened skin which steals away the beauty of your skin. It is highly common among women and one can commonly notice its effects on cheeks, nose bridge, upper lips etc. For some women, it also appears on the arms and other areas which are exposed to the sun. There are several reasons for Melasma like the prolonged exposure to the sun, oral intake of contraceptive pills, stress, hectic lifestyle, thyroid etc are few among many. When they appear they do not cause any itchiness or soreness on the affected area and one of the common characteristics through which they are recognizable is by its distribution on the face which is easily identified by the dermatologists.Melasma can affect men as well and is usually more pronounced in the months of summers and is not contagious or a disease to fear but their appearance can be unpleasant and upset the sufferer. It is advisable to start the melasma treatment as soon as possible to delay deeper pigmentation which is harder to treat. The Cosmotree Clinic which offers its services to Delhi and NCR region is well equipped with modern technology and qualified dermatologists and healthcare staff. The first line of melasma treatment includes the analysis of your skin type its sensitivity, texture and the seriousness of the problem so that right kind of therapies or product is prescribed to the client. Active ingredients such as tretinoin, hydroquinone, arbutin, azelaic acid etc. are generally used to get rid of Melasma. Apart from this the chemical peels, pulsed dye laser are other Melasma treatments.
Melasma Treatment in Delhi 
The Cosmotree Clinic is one of the best Melasma treatment clinics in the region but it also requires dedication form the patients. It is advisable to the patients that they must come for regular reviews to track and monitor the progress to get their desired results. The main concern while melasma treatment is the pregnancy and breastfeeding because it often triggered during the pregnancy and thus the patient must have to wait until their childbirth or breastfeeding to commence treatment. Because during pregnancy you can’t take any other oral medication as their cane be certain ingredients which may be harmful to the mother and baby.Depending on what treatment course is taken the downtime of it varies and thus depends on patient to patient. Usually, during the course of the treatment, the treated area gets darker before it fades and uniforms with the rest of the skin tone. To get rid of melasma treatment, it might take few weeks to show its complete results and thus patients must ensure the good care of their skin during and after the treatment. Melasma treatment is not long lasting and thus it may reoccur because of hormonal imbalances and exposure to sun. Call us now for your queries regarding treatment, advice, and cost or fix your appointment us our experts for further guidance.