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Melasma Treatment In Delhi

Melasma treatment in delhi

Melasma Treatment For Men and Women

Melasma is seen mostly on the face like upper lips, cheeks, nose, forehead. Melasma is quite common in females it can be due to excess of thyroid hormone, estrogen hormones, Allergy, excess exposure to the sun which causes excess melanin secretion.Usually, chemical peels and laser are used for melasma treatment. It Takes Multiple session of chemical peels or laser treatment is required for melasma removal. Getting Rid Of melasma is very important as due to melasma face looks uneven tone so now you know how to get rid of melasma for more information you can visit us at Cosmotree clinic which is one of the best skin care clinic for melasma treatment so book your appointment and visit us today.

Laser Melasma

The laser system that has shown the best results with melasma over a wide range of skin types and colors is the fractional laser. The Fraxel system (this is the brand name for one of the first fractional lasers) is FDA approved for treatment of melasma. The fractional lasers break the laser beam into smaller pixels that can provide a deeper and more effective treatment without the burning and downtime.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical skin peels are performed using a chemical solution applied directly to the skin to burn away dead cells and allow the newer, fresher skin to form. They can be used to treat anything from melasma to fine lines and wrinkles to cancerous skin growths. The most commonly used chemicals are Phenol, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Usually, the doctor measures out a precise formula for the specific needs of each patient.

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