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FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi

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FUT or FUE? Selecting the Right Hair Transplant Option A short Look at the Procedures There is a slight similarity between the two procedures in conjunction with their differences. To start off, local anesthesia is given to the scalp to make sure that no pain sensation is experienced by the person undergoing the transplant. The hair follicles are obtained in a different way in the two transplant surgeries.

In Fut Hair Transplantation in Delhi, a strip of scalp is generally cut from the back of the head (donor site) to be dissected under a stereomicroscope to get follicular units of the desired size. These are stored in a normal saline solution to keep them healthy prior to they are grafted. The extraction of hair follicles in FUE is done with the aid of a pneumatic punch which takes out a single follicular unit set for grafting.

Little incisions are made by the surgeon in the region where the hair is to be transplanted (recipient site) with the aid of specialized needles. This has to be cautiously done to ensure that the direction of the hair is as per the need. The follicular units are subsequently grafted into the incisions one by one to make sure optimum results are had.

The key Differences

The key differences between the two procedures can help a personality in deciding which option to go for.

The Number of Grafts

The number of grafts that are accessible for transplant in a single session is much superior in FUE due to the nature of the process. Because Fut hair transplant in Delhi grafts are obtained by cutting a strip, the follicles acquired from the given strip must be used. With single follicular unit being extracted, FUE does not have any such constraint.

Success Rate

Both actions offer a relatively high success rate. In contrast between the two, FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi has a superior success rate as the follicles extracted do not require to be dissected and can be grafted immediately. During dissection in FUT, a few follicles may be damaged in the process. The risk also increases with the follicles being placed in the normal saline solution.

Postoperative Care

The total time needed for recovery is nearly about one week in FUE whereas two weeks in FUT after the surgery. It may differ in some cases. It is significant to rest after both procedures to help the scalp recover. There are some medications that are provided to the patient subsequent to Hair Transplant in Delhi. In general greater postoperative care is essential after FUT due to the strip that is cut out from the scalp to make sure that an infection does not take place.


In FUE, extremely small pinhole scars can be left after the procedure. Unlike the general opinion, scarring in FUE is not totally absent. These scars are simply covered by the hair of normal length. Alternatively, the scarring in FUT process is much more with a linear scar at the donor site. It does get sheltered with hair but one cannot have extremely short hair in order to conceal it.