Birthmark Removal in Delhi

Birthmark Removal In Delhi

A birthmark is a benign or congenital irregularity on the skin which occurs at the birth or shortly after the birth. Usually it grows in the first month after the birth of the child. Birthmarks can been seen anywhere on the skin and not just confined to one area. It is usually caused by the overgrowth of monocytes, blood vessels, fat, fibroblasts, smooth muscle or keratinocytes. Some birthmarks are quite prominent hence people go for Birthmark Removal.


Birthmark Removal

The Types Of Birthmarks ?

Researchers and dermatologists divide birthmarks into two main to main types-


  • Pigmented Birthmarks – This is caused by excessive skin pigments cells. It includes Mongolian spots, moles, and vafe au lait spots.
  • Vascular Birthmarks- This is also called red birthmarks. It is caused by increase number of blood vessels and it includes macular stains, Port-wine stains, and haemangioma.
  • Salmon Patches

Approximately one in 10 babies have a birthmark in their body and it is usually the vascular type. By the age one 1, it appears prominently. Other birthmarks are a part of skin lesions known as Nevi (word derived from Latin which means birthmark). The exact cause of the growth of birthmark is still unknown. However it has been determined that vascular birthmarks are not genetic. This means hereditary factors are ruled out for vascular birthmarks.


The Birth Mark Treatments are available in many places these days throughout the world. It is important to consult for the right clinic and the right dermatologist. Birth Mark Removal is not a tedious process at all. Some resort to the traditional home remedies while others go for treatments through advanced technology. The process of Birth Mark Removal takes a few sessions or a surgery. It depends on what the client takes. There are a number of procedures to go for and the experts should guide you with the most suitable solutions.

  •  Why Birthmark Treatment in Delhi With Cosmotree ?

Birth Mark Treatment is suitable for everyone. Some have these marks on their faces which create tension. People are increasingly getting conscious about their appearance these days thanks to the commercialization of the fairer and flawless skin. It should be known that having dark patches; tanned, pigmented or uneven skin is a natural phenomenon and shouldn’t affect a person mentally. Birth Mark Removal is available in many parts of Delhi. Clinics make sure that client’s needs are catered to and post treatment is followed up carefully. Birth Mark Removal is a feasible option and has been successful too.